About Us

The Connecticut Heating Oil Group was created with you the customer in mind. Most customers now a days are shopping for the lowest price on heating oil. Our Group of local dealers are different from most dealers that you will find on the “Cash for Oil Website”.

Our Dealers go through a screening process, we make sure they have the correct policy limits on their insurance to cover any damage to your property inside and out, we make sure each of their listed drivers commercial driver licenses are up to date, have the correct endorsement, and most importantly they have an up-to-date medical card. We also verify with the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection they are properly licensed.

We also have our dealers submit a yearly Federal annual inspection of each Oil Truck they will be delivering with. This will ensure their oil truck does not fail on your property.
Most important the price! We monitor each town and or city for a competitive oil price, we may be a few pennies higher or lower than the “Cash for Oil Website”

We have a very simple order form, that will allow you to safely pay by credit card or deduct a discount for cash or Venmo. You can also select the day you want it delivered.

In closing we would like to earn your business by delivering your order on time, for a fair price and with all safety standards met.
If you have any questions, we can be reached by email at support@ctheatingoilgroup.com